Frequently Asked Questions

How robust is? Can it suddenly seize operations? Should I rely on it? is an experimental hobby project in a very early stage. There’s no stable API versions yet. Data (i.e. project settings, statistics, user ratings) may be wiped out at any moment. Therefore it is strongly advised to not use it in serious projects yet.

What services API provides?

At the moment it’s session-based matchmaking.

Why is it indie-friendly?

BattlePlace has been developed with indie needs in mind:

How is it free? There must be a catch. Maybe you sell our players’ data to advertising companies?

I do not. The service is free at the moment, simply because it’s a hobby project and doesn’t cost much. Should it become more popular (and hence more costly) optional paid features will probably be introduced. The intention however is to always have a perpetual free tier for games with low (“indie”) demands.

So I can use API for free in as many projects as I need?

Absolutely. A non-commercial game, a gamejam submission, an experimental throwaway project are all welcome in any numbers.

What if API changes in a future in a backward-incompatible way? Will my game break?

All APIs are versioned, and stable API versions are frozen and supported indefinitely. If you use only stable API in your game, it will work forever. Read about API Versioning.

What algorithm is used for updating user ratings?

It’s Glicko-2.